Our Costume Designing course enables the student to have an in-depth knowledge of subject which involves both creation and production. Costume design can prepare you for a number of job opportunities in the fashion industry. We have courses that can fulfill the needs of present industry. On this course students become part of an innovative team of costume creators. Through training in use of technology and working closely with costume designers, they’ll learn to interpret briefs and create costumes and accessories for productions to the level of finish expected by contemporary audiences. Students can also learn and develop skills in time management, resource management, budgeting and scheduling with in the course time

Our course includes

  • Drawing and dressing
  • Proportions and measurements
  • Fabrics and its quality
  • Color psychology
  • Research and history awareness
  • Styles and trends
  • Pattern cutting
  • Exhibition participation

Short Courses

  • Dressmaking Classes
  • Fashion Design & Drawing classes
  • CAD illustrator and Photoshop for fashion design and drawing
  • Lingerie – Design, Pattern-cutting and Sewing
  • Fashion make-up courses
  • Bag design and making course
  • Practical Textile Foundation Course
  • Hand embroidery
  • Home décor
  • Reusable’s attractions
  • Baby sun hats
  • Fabric painting
  • Henna designing
  • Glass paintings
  • Ornaments making
  • Mats making
  • Student testimonials


Sewing courses

Certificate In Fashion Designing                                                    3 Months

Advanced Diploma In Costume Designing                                   6 Months

Diploma In Fashion Technology And Garments Making             10 Months

Advanced Pattern Designing & Dress Making                             12 Months

Fashion Designing Teacher Training Course                                12 Months